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Terry Brown

I wish I had found this product many years ago. My cats damaged my previous lounge. Since placing on my new leather couch they have not clawed at all.

Monica S.

Our 2 cats have completely shredded the sides of 2 of our couches, to the point where foam was coming out. I cut out some fabric from under the back of the couch, patched the places where they did the most damage, then put these protectors over the areas. They adhere well and have stayed put for several weeks. The cats have to tried to scratch the area and quickly learned that it wasn't fun anymore!

Cheryl Duncan

Very impressed! Stuck great to my couch corners, even over areas that are in shreds from my cats. They look nice enough. For the price, I could see myself rather buying another pack when the edges start rising vs using the pins.

Sheri J.

I used this for my couches and I placed them where my cat likes to claw her nails. Ever since I put them up she had done less and less clawing in those areas I guess it's because her nails just slide off which is the idea so I'm happy. It doesn't stick as well as I thought it would but I put the pins on the corners to hold them down which is where they need to be secure.

Danielle W.

I have 3 cats and these are great to protect my new fabric couch!! They deter them and don't fall off and I can barely see them. They are bigger than you'd think and easy to cut for custom sizes!! (I also use them at the corners of the doors on the carpet to prevent them from scratching up the corners of the carpet when I lock them out of my room lol)

Anna M.

Great product. Adhesive is good for narrower corner areas you can use the pins provided. I might order another pack. We're very happy that our furniture are protected now.

Sam L.

I was worried about the twist pens doing damage to my couch but they are so small it doesn't do any. The sticking backing helps to hold it to the couch but it really is necessary to have to push pins to hold them in place. I have a small sectional and I ordered two packs which was exactly what I needed

Lee D.

This product has been effective with my two felines.I applied the product to my brand new fabric sofa and chair and it has effectively deterred my cats from scratching my expensive new furniture. I am a very satisfied customer!

Dan K.

This is a great way to protect the corners of your furniture. Very easy to install the adhesive stay secure while putting in the easy screw pins. I bought this for my mother who just got a kitten. She doesn't scratch on the corners anymore however being a kitten she does chew on them which immediately puts little holes through the plastic. But that's certainly to be expected.
I am very happy with this product.


These are a good fix if you have a good cat because it probably won’t keep them from scratching but if you apply these they will be deterred