Furriend™ DeShedding Brush For Cats


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Collin D.

So, I have a calico. She sheds like nothing nothing I’ve ever seen. She is incredibly sweet but HATED the brush I got her before because it pulled. This one with the curved bristles doesn’t pull and she absolutely loves it. Now she is less matted and there is less shedding in my house because I brush her two times a week. It is a godsend

Nancy S.

It's so funny at night when I decide to brush one cat, six cats appear and parade around until it's their turn. I'm so tired of picking up hairball puke, so now I'm brushing seven cats every night. I also hate cat hair blowing past my face in the kitchen. Just 15 minutes a day for all of them, and two problems are solved. I love the self-cleaning aspect of this brush. It just pushes the hair right out. LOVE it.

Dennis L.

Apparently I'm a terrible cat mom or my buddy chonk is just a nasty a**. Not an exaggeration, I removed a wombat size amount of fur.... and dander. He also loved it. He's two and never once got so over stimulated that he clawed and bit me. Fat boy was purring like a diesel truck, drooling, while he gave me his rolly belly to groom. When you're ready to empty the thing, it pushes out little loaves of fur... I was entertained.

Vienna S.

It must be like a spa treatment for my cat because she will lay down and purr the entire time i brush her. it's also SO EASY to clean. i haven't had any issue getting every strand of fur out of it every time. couldn't have asked for a better product especially for such a low cost.

Natasha W.

got this product to help keep from getting as MUCH cat hair all over my clothes and furniture and not only does this thing work wonderfully, my kitty absolutely LOVES getting brushed with this one! she didn't like the fraying brush i had originally with the bendy plastic bristles (not sure what the correct term for this style of bristle) but she loves getting brushed for a long period of time with this plastic coated metal bristle one.

Amy H.

I love this brush! Removes hair from cat easily. Not too big. Easy to remove hair with the push button feature. Feels good in my hand and easy to hold.

Trisha S.

One of the best product I have ever purchased for my cats!! I have 2 cats one has short hair other one has medium long hair( Bella). Bella is has very reserved kind of nature. She never enjoyed petting . But since the time I have started using this hair brush my car Bella is changed. She love this brush. She constantly asked me to brush her. I am must say I am super impressed and happy with the results!!! You must buy this .