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Kerry S.

My cat has had digestive issues her whole life which included vomiting hairballs, right after eating, etc. It didn't matter what sensitive food or supplements I fed her she would still throw up on a regular basis. I ordered this food and water bowl for her to help with digestion and my two cats love it! They used it immediately after putting it down and it's sturdy. It holds enough food and water for them both. Ever since using it my cat barely throws up after eating now, it has really helped a lot!

Kirsten W.

The bowls are pretty easy to remove from and place in the base even when full of food or water. I was concerned about that when I bought this set but so far I haven t had any bad spills.- My cats are willing to eat and drink out of these bowls... for the most part. They still drink a lot of their water from the big bowl I have on the floor for the dogs but they are slowly getting used to the new water bowl.

John O.

We love these. I looked up anti vomit bowls after one of our kittens who eats fast threw up her food. I saw the stars and reviews and decided to try them. So far so good. They definitely look more comfortable eating compared to the plastic bowls on the floor. Since they re made out of plastic they re easy to clean and don t develop a layer of film that s annoying to clean off unlike the metal ones. We hand wash them for we don t have a dishwasher in our apartment so I don t know how they handle being washed in a dishwasher but plastic is very easy to wash so it s not a hassle at all

Terry W.

I started with one of these bowls. Now there is one for each of our 5 cats. The cats love them and they look much more comfortable eating out of them. I have also noticed less regurgitating/vomiting since I began using these bowls. Would highly recommend these bowls.

Crowley S.

Recently I noticed my cat started to eat lying on the floor to eat. I had read that some times cats have problems eating and swallowing food from a food dish on the floor. I wondered if he was having problems. So I ordered the elevated food dish and sure enough it seems much easier for him to ear from it. It must have been uncomfortable for him to have lean down to eat. Problem solved - he is happier and so am I.

Russ Christensen

This product has stopped my cats from vomiting. I have one 11 year old neutered male and one three year old spayed female.

Clara P.

This bowl is tilted enough which makes the food constantly fall back to the center which is perfect for cats that seem to push their food all over. The bowl is also wide and shallow. 2 other points that makes this a good bowl. Because its wide it doesnt bother his whiskers which I know some cats are finicky about. I highly recommend this bowl for anyone that has a pet that has trouble chasing their food in their bowl.

Ciara S.

Nice and compact. My cat has trouble bending due to arthritis in her shoulders and can now eat comfortably. She also does not vomit anymore so that's a plus!

Laura N.

I almost returned this dish because I wasn t able to get the dishes to go into the base. But my husband gave it a try and he got the bowls to go in. There is a twisting action that you need to do then it works fine. My cat seems to like her new dishes. They clean easily and they were less expensive than the ones I originally saw on social media. I would recommend this item.

Chapman L.

I really like these because with other blows ( even elevated) my cats would make a mess with their dry food. This catches a lot more of what they drop and the pieces on the floor are minimal! I have also noticed that these have helped one of my cats that tend to throw up shortly for eating. So I am really glad that I gave these a try!