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Jane O.

This is GREAT. I have a cat who pees right on the edge of the litter box and kicks the litter out. This mat is shaped like an envelope and it has little honeycomb sections that gather the litter that escapes the box or clings to their feet. It is a little bit like a welcome mat where the litter gets scraped off. Urine goes into the mat instead of on the floor. The mat is waterproof so the urine does not soak through. It is easy to then empty the "envelope" into the garbage or wash it off. It is made of a stiff yet flexible plastic. It is big enough to extend outside the edges of the litter box. I love this.

Maurice L.

I really like this mat, it works as they described, it is easy to clean and it traps a lot of litter. Somehow my cat still manages to bring litter in, yet is much, much less than before the mat.

Leanne W.

My cats face aside here... lol! I had no idea I needed one of these contraptions until I had one! Total game changer! I hate the smell of cat litter and my cat was tracking it all over the place because he is a total jerk of a roommate and has no respect. For reasons unknown, I love him the mostest in the entire world, so I was resigned to just walking through kitty litter for the rest of my life. They could literally charge me anything for this and I would buy it. Now just to convince him to stop attacking me for no reason. Looking for that product next.

Mary K.

The product is a foam type material and feels kind of flimsy, so I was skeptical that it would work. I put it in front of the litter box in my master bathroom because I hate getting litter stuck to my feet when I walk in there.

I was very surprised to see that it does contain most of the litter and I have a lot less mess to sweep up everyday. I like that I can pick the mat up and dump the litter it catches in the trash or back into the litter box.

My husband told me I should get a few more to put near our other litter boxes because we have 6 cats (dont judge me)!

Chris W.

Litter mats that I've tried in the past came with a few downfalls: 1) my cat didnt like stepping on them and would intead launch himelf out of the box (along with his litter) to avoid it, and 2) they were terrible to clean if the cat overshot the box or puked on it.

This mat has none of those problems! I was worried about cleaning puke/clumped litter out of these little hexagons but since the mat can be "opened up" a rinse under the bathtub faucet was all it needed!