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Kim K.

So 5/5 stars for that, because what else matters? My cat absolutely loves the curves and the second texture--it's her favorite part! But because of this she only shreds the rising curve of the board, which is only about 1/4 of one side of the board's surface, and it became flat VERY quickly. I don't know how it is for other cats, but for my cat, the spoiled little princess she is, this board is amazing but only partially usable.

Shivon Y.

I was reticent to buy this, thinking a small board wouldn't make a good scratching post. However, I am thrilled that I bought it. Some say the board moves. It does a little, but my cat, Chloe, can hold it with her body so she can scratch. We have had huge scratching posts that Chloe wouldn't use except to lie on top of. Instead, she scratched furniture and the carpet. But she absolutely loves this small, inexpensive board. She scratches it often. She even loves laying her head on it or even sleeping on it. We have had the board for three months and haven't turned it to the second side yet, so I think we got a good return on our money.


I have 7 indoor cats (ages 6 months to 7 1/2 years) and they all love to scratch. The traditional cardboard scratchers all seem to shred rather quickly and there is a mess of cardboard pieces all over the house. I waited to write this review so I could see how long this particular scratcher lasted.

Over a month later, it is still in one piece and looks almost new even though it has been used by all of my cats several times a day. I have even seen two of the younger ones using it together.

My babies like to lay on the scratcher when not scratching and the shape is perfect for lounging. When I sprinkle a bit of the catnip on it, they go crazy. I need to order several more so then they will all be content kitties.

Alex W.

My kitty set up shop on his new chaise lounge chair and demanded I whip him up some frozen beverage. I've bought plenty of these over the years, but this one uses a very thick corrugated cardboard that will help with longevity. Also unlike others I've purchased in the store, this one has alternating textures in the cardboard to make things more interesting for kitty. I'm very pleased with my purchase, and it's 'Abner' approved! Hope this helps!