Does your cat scratches furniture instead of scratching posts?

Here Are 5 Reasons Why Every Loving Indoor Cat Parent Like You Need Couch Guard

Have you ever wondered why your cat keeps digging at your precious furniture instead of the 9th scratching post you bought for them? The reason is simple. Cats love digging their sharp paws into furniture because it feels really good. Buying more scratching post won't make a difference. Here's how the team behind Reckless Cat fixes the problem.

1. Train Cats to stop destructive scratching in minutes

Couch Guard is designed with an extremely slippery side which makes cat paws slip right off. Since cats dislike things they cannot get a grip on, the furniture instantly becomes unappealing to them.

2. They are only sticky on one side

You don't have to worry about the protector catching all the darn nasty stuff like loose hair, dust, fluids. Yikes! Couch Guard is self-adhesive and waterproof so you can actually stop your furniture from getting dirty.

3. No damage to furniture

Double sided sticky tape, or other types of training tape can cause harm to your furniture due to the extra strong adhesive. With Couch Guard you can be sure no sticky residues or harm is left on your furniture upon removal.

4. Transparent & Discreet

Who likes having plastic all over the couch, like in the 70's? Sorry grandma! Our protector is transparent so you don't have to sacrifice the look of your furniture just to protect them.

5. Ultra durable protector

To make sure the sharp claws do not get through, our team sources the strongest material so they can last a long time. Plus, you can also remove and relocate the protector without losing the adhesive.

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